Remove "to die" from wish when alone

as the name suggests, please for the name of soloing a game with use. PLEASE. remove the “to die” when I’m alone. this has happened MANY TIMES and the fact that there is only ONE suggestion on it means no one really cares except for those who wishes to main the ability wish on solo but cannot because THEY DIE AND CANNOT BE REVIVED.

in summary, remove “to die” when alone on zombies because it is just a HORRIBLE way to end a run. its so bad that I would rather play on shadow’s decent with just a copper shortsword and a flare gun with no armors or buffs. its so god damn bad I would rather try to kill a moonlord with just a lawnmower. its SO GOD DAMN ANNOYING I would rather get chased by a random jungle bat that goes through blocks and cant be killed even with saving and quitting. ITS SO FUCKING BAD that I would rather play Legendary mode, Death mode (from calamity mod), Masochist mode (from Fargo’s souls mod) AND with restrictions such as NO USING CRYSTAL LIFES. which would mean no nurses. THIS IS SOOOOO BAD that I would rather get my whole search history to the whole world rather than endure another death from wish again. so PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE. disable wish when the game detects that the player is playing alone.