Remove antirush, replace with higher strength depending on what bosses have been slayed

Hello there!
So I just wanted to suggest something for survival that many people complain about. The anti-rush system, while it has allowed for longer gameplay, can hinder some progress and cause players to stop playing for many hours due to not being able to progress, and are driven to a hault once they have maxed out what they can do in the current stage of the game. It would be fun to see a run in whatever progression people wanted and cheese and cheese the game to its limits. However, since the system would be removed, a similar system should be put into place, where the boss gets buffed to heck the earlier it is in progression, and what bosses have been slayed. While this might not have much affect in later non-timed bosses (like Plantera and Golem), some bosses such as Duke Fishron pose a bigger threat and not be viable until post-plantera, and timed bosses like Skeletron and the mechanical bosses would be much harder to defeat without proper gear. Also, maybe make some bosses (like the duke and golem) much harder so it can’t be cheesed/tanked.
Tl;dr: remove antirush, replace with higher boss scaling depending on what bosssd have been defeated

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Also add the removal of custom wof, cool on concept but terrible for dg survival with the lag waves that have become more of a regular occurrence now making it near impossible to kill with the lower number of players and increase the number of mobs before spirits go for some milk by 2x.


Yeah, it’s cool but lag


not sure this necroposting, but here is it for those who did not see it lol


i can see why this was added, but like, make it more viable lol


ok this was somewhat added, only one affected by it now is le wall of flesh (and wall is “normal” again)


Dang it really happend