Relax Anti-Spam for Crew

I’ve seen this mentioned a few times, so let’s see if this is a concern or not.

Some users have complained the anti-spam is too restrictive. One of the issues we have with the system right now is that the automated restrictions apply the same regardless of whether you are a guest or a Crew member.

Given Crew is a verified status, it would make sense if we trust these users more and relax some of the automated restrictions (the server rules still apply).

As an admin the automated rules either don’t apply or I don’t use in-game chat enough to have frustrations of this system myself, so I will rely on people’s experiences to estimate if the current system is too restrictive or not.

i think its a good idea


I would have to agree to relaxing this.
Say a Crew was in Survival and there’s a trade going on. The spam saying that you don’t have permission to build here gets in the way of the chat so you have to take longer to respond to someone.


That’s not anti-spam, that’s TShock or the Protected Housing plugin.


Dear god yes its an issue I got ignored for repetition 3 out of the five times just by tying r or ready during the duel with Nate I had the other night


n e c r o p o s t i n g

but yeah i had the same experience on PvP when I was dueling MichelleZ lmao, I had to be like “oh yeah hell yeah I’m ready” just to get it through


We plan to implement this suggestion, which is now marked as accepted and closed to release the votes. Once this suggestion has been implemented, a dev will mark it as implemented, and a final reply will be posted so that everyone is aware.

This is listed as “Relax Anti-Spam for Crew” on the development timetable (at the bottom of the Open column):