Register time is too long

Hello! My terraria character is named bossy and i am having problems with what i can only assume is a bug, I have to wait a day and some hours to register, meaning i have to be on the server for that long, and its quite irritating, as on old accounts i have not had to wait, i dont know if anything can be done about this, but if so, my thanks go with you.


Are you trying to make a new account? it looks to me your ban appeal hasn’t been accepted yet (or is it? a idk i dont like being too sure)
and well i dont think having to wait a day is a bug


You dont have to be that time on server as far as i know, just wait that time after first log. Anyway, every register takes some time, it is anti-proxy system.

P.S. pls select better name


This is not a bug, and you do not have to spend that time on the server. You only have to wait for that time to pass, as some others have said.

You probably had two days pass between the time you entered the server on that account for the first time and the time you did /register for the first time. Also, if you have access to an existing account you used previously you should probably use that one, since you aren’t allowed to have multiple accounts in most circumstances.


Whilst i did get account banned, i did not get IP banned, and recently my PC got reset, so i have it restored.


Its alr now yall, you were right about me not having to be in the server, i only have 1 hour to wait now.


i think that you’re commiting ban evasion, i think its better that you appeal your banned account instead of creating a new one since having multiple accounts is against the rules