Reforge Roulette

You’re either going to dislike this or hate this.

This gamemode idea is all about the Goblin Tinkerer and his reforge function, in specifics. Literal in multiple ways, too! Reforges in Terraria are one of many things that can end up changing outcomes of encounters of all kinds; PvE, PvP, even common exploration. The small stat boosts can change the effects of a weapon for better or for worse, and as such are one of the important things players look for in regards to their equipment.

Hence, the idea! At the start of a new round, players are given a selection of 3 weapons and 1 accessory, while starting next to a Goblin Tinkerer. Each of these will not have a modifier. In their pockets they have 999 Platinum Coins, and after a short countdown, they’ll be able to access his functions. With it, the server tells each player to acquire a specific modifier/reforge on their items, which can be any of the modifiers from the entire game, based on ID. Players would then have to race to identify the item that can receive the modifier, reforge the item until it receives the assigned modifier exactly, and then take it out of the reforge menu successfully in order to complete the objective. Based on time, the faster a player is, the greater their placement and rewards for doing so (DP and XP).

That’s all the idea is, I don’t really know what else there is to cover besides potential problems. Two that instantly came to mind were the reforges themselves.

Problem #1

In problem 1, some players might receive weapons that are unable to attain certain modifiers for one reason or another, the most common being unable to receive a modifier because it affects a stat the weapon does not have. For solutions, I thought the simplest would be to simply exclude those weapons that cannot receive modifiers of a specific type (e.g.
Stellar Tuneimage,
Sergeant United Shieldimage
are unable to receive Mythical and Godly respectively because they have no base knockback) or any at all (the stackable weapons, Bananarangs
and Light Discs
cannot receive modifiers in the vanilla game). The other solution that crossed my mind for this was that if a player receives one of these weapons, the modifiers they cannot receive are excluded from what the player has to acquire when the server decides what the player must get, although it might be more complicated to program.

Problem #2

The second problem stems from the modifiers themselves, not the weapons and accessories; the fact that within the game, there are 4 modifiers that share names but have different effects in their pairs; Quick (Quick for weapons is a common weapon modifier that increases the weapon’s speed by 10%, and Quick for accessories is an accessory modifier that increases the player’s movement speed by 4%) and Deadly (Deadly for all weapons is a common weapon modifier that increases its damage and speed by 10%, and Deadly for ranged weapons only is a weapon modifier that increases the weapon’s damage by 10%, speed, velocity, and knockback by 5%, and grants 2% critical strike chance). However, given that they’re separated by IDs, I believe that the server should be able to tell them apart, and as a result should specify with a different message which modifier the player should be looking for if these coincidences happen.

Message ideas for the problem modifiers mentioned

Universal weapon Quick (ID 42): “Quick for weapons”
Accessory Quick (ID 76): “Quick for Accessories”
Universal weapon Deadly (ID 43): “Deadly for non - Ranged weapons” (yes ranged weapons can roll with this modifier as well but on ranged weapons the only way to tell the difference between Deadly and Deadly is to look at the stat boosts)
Ranged weapon Deadly (ID 20): “Deadly for Ranged weapons”

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imo there’s a 3rd problem. This is entirely RNG-based, there’s no way to get even “better” other than quickly identifying the correct item


too little


That’s… the whole point. Hence the naming convention! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


i got a good idea! lets make it so you dont recieve a small starter amount of 999 plat, and you work for it, by things like killing


Wait, what target of this all gamemode?


to get a modifier while not getting scammed by goblin thonkerer