Red Ryder Buff

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Red Ryder

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
Buff base, min & max damage by 20, Buff velocity significantly to make up for the slow bullet

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
There is absolutely no reason to use this over sniper, as it has nearly the same damage, but with worse velocity and even worse usetime, although the autoreuse makes up for it but it’s just not enough. There is also the fact that it doesn’t have an scope.

[Anything else you would like to note]
The velocity increase would make it a bit delayed making it quite harder to aim than sniper which is why I’m suggesting something as big as 20 damage.

amazing idea, i love it so much, best idea in the forums, ever


Yeah this weapon is just statually inferior to sniper lol
Slower firerate and less velocity, and the autoreuse doesn’t do much because it feels pretty wanky on weapons with high usetime
It only has a 2 max damage difference which isn’t enough for what it has to offer compared to sniper


no!!! it would become a ping-dependant weapon

this is definitely my personal opinion and not something I copy pasted from discord!!!


it’s kinda true cause the delay gets affected by your ping, but it’s noticeable at p much every ping range lol!

not copypasted


red ryder was always the underdog in single player… NOW IT WILL HAVE ITS REVENGE
btw great idea Beetle i agree with Tunkki