Rebalancing bosses (Duke Fishron, Golem, and Cultists)

Golem is notorious for being a joke. Why not make him available at the same time as Plantera, but lock the Cultists where Golem is now?
Also, move Duke to post-Plantera rather than post-Golem, due to the nerfs to the Razorblade, the outdatedness of the weapons by the time everyone gets post-Golem weapons, and overall, being more relevant to progression, since most people who fight Duke either rush them in before mechs, or kill him after Plantera when he is much more manageable but not a (somewhat) of a joke.

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Yeah, currently i have not bothered to fight duke at all due to post golem items being way better and due to it being locked for a few more hours after golem which honestly does not make sense.

Duke weapons by that point just feel unneeded, since well razor blade excels in aoe clear, for events which the only event is possibly usable past golem is Martians but by the time golem is killed, within the hour Martians are fought either way and which wierdo fights pm/fm after golem when they are spawned 24/7 right after plant.

Tsunami with holy arrows well in the resent update it got nerfed significantly. and well the other duke weapons just don’t fit at all during that point due to zeno staff, and reworks to melee weapons.

My suggestion is having duke be 4-5x when its timer goes down 4hrs before plant and as soon as plants timer is gone it’s at 2x and slowly goes down like normal.

This provides a challenge while people wait for plant timer to go down since usually 12hrs before plant the server is practically dead. and still applies the “anti-rush” from having it not be available during the mech period.

and having golem be available at the same time as plant but locking ml/cultist would be better since people surprisingly still complain when we kill ml “early” sometimes before duke timer runes out.

My suggestion is having cultist available but ml de-spawns instantly after pillars are done until he is allowed to be fought, since i remember having a run where ml just didn’t spawn, and we had pillar weapons and it was actually a blast since by the time ml got fixed everyone was properly geared. which leads to my next suggestion if pillars are allowed but not ml, when ml time runs out have him be at 5-6x and exponentially go to 1x within a few hours.

Just my take on this post if things were to be balanced out to be fun.


true, those are definitely being changed


nice :+1:, time to see what happens next run lol


atm all bosses except wall of flesh is no longer affected by antirush, only difficulty. (however some projectiles are unaffected by scaling, i.e golem’s fireball and some of moon lord’s attacks)