Raz's (new) Helper Application

Q1. What is your in-game name?

Q2. How often are you on the server? (Include timezones and exact times only; no generalisations)
Every day if I can, for more than 3 hours (usually spread out over the day but most active after 15:00. UTC. Most accurate timing I can provide is 15:00 - 19:00 UTC.

Q3. Why do you want to be a Helper?
Well, I used to be a Helper and I loved it. I love helping people, I feel like now more than ever with the release of 1.4 the server needs more people helping out new players. I feel that people will have an overall better experience on this amazing server if their questions aren’t left unanswered and if they receive assistance + aid on whatever they need. Being a Helper is also on the pathway to becoming a Staff Assistant and then Moderator. I want to contribute as much as possible to this server and take more responsibility so I can make the server better for others.

Q4. Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
Definitely. If I’m in the middle of a Zombies game and someone needs help with whatever it might be, I’ll leave and go to help them out. If I’m building, fighting a boss (PvE or Survival) I’ll stop immediately and prioritize a player’s needs before my own.

Q5. Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?
Yes. I’ve (technically) been on this server for more than 5 years, I’ve nearly memorized the entire layout of the new Armory, I’ve familiarised myself with the Forum, DTP, Phase and Dimensional systems on multiple occasions and have thousands of hours spent on Terraria. I feel that my knowledge is more than sufficient to help players out with their problems.

Q6. Tell us about yourself?
I go by Raz - mainly because Razorvenom48 is a terrible name I made when I was 10 years old. I own a YouTube channel with over 900 subs, (Won’t tell you the name here because this is not a platform to advertise my brand). I’ve made a video on DG which has gotten nearly 5,000 views in less than a week and I plan to make more to attract new faces to the server. My interests are coding, tech and gaming. Right now I’m in the midst of a few projects, but they won’t interfere with my activeness on the server. As many of you know, I became Helper in December 2016 but took a break from the server for over a year due to me focusing more on modded Terraria and other games in general. Rofle told me that I need to reapply, and if I am made Helper again, I can give you my word that I won’t take a long hiatus only to come back and act as nothing has changed. Even if my enjoyment with the game deteriorates, I promise that I’ll stay active and help out as many people as I can.
I’m nearly 16 and live in the UK with my family. The normal stuff. I also have a flock of 2 chickens and 4 chicks, who I love dearly.

Thank you so much for reading my Helper application, and I hope I can make Helper (again :wink: )


I can see by looking through the forums and finding out the servers secrets that Raz has been a pretty good member, (correct me if im like, wrong) and he has been a helper before he became a bit inactive, but is also now back, knowledgeable about the server although he only started becoming more active at these times. I’m guessing he knows how the server changed, and is pretty determined by what I’ve seen to leave what he’s doing and help people.
definitely a +1

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I haven’t been here long enough to see Raz before his inactivity, so I’ll be basing this purely on what I’ve seen after. Raz is overall a great member to be around. He devotes his time into helping players, and definitely doesn’t mind going out of his way to find solutions. Even after his inactivity, he has still proven to be faithful to the server, and clearly intends to make great contributions, be it by helping, or creating. Simply by watching, it is easy to infer that that he wholeheartedly enjoys helping, something that I personally view as a necessary trait to become a great Helper(Again). +1

PS. your sign is false, and I am not gay, ty


I’ve been a good friend of Raz for a couple of years now; he’s a good lad, I already upvoted his original application and so I’m going to do so again. He’s been a good helper in the past and I fully trust that he’ll do at least as a good as he did. +1


Your Q2 doesn’t meet the requirements.

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Requirements for time spent or the timezone?

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Edited Q2.