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how do i rank up? [Crew] <— Me

I think you get DarkPoints by killing enemies. I’m not exactly sure though.

What does marine do?

Will this affect my helper rank ?

i don’t think helpers get ranks anymore

You get Dark Points by killing enemies.


is there a way to unrank?; I no longer want to be predator XD

I’ll do a reset thing.

Edit: Done

what’s better? predator or the other one? and can i have a list of commands per rank? and what they do plz :c

btw More Ranks plz.

Excuse me, How do i rank up anyway?

You get kills in game then you click the one that says Rankup and you level up.

What does it mean by needing to merge accounts? O_o

Slight error which meant it didn’t know your terraria_id causing it to accuse you of not using the DTP to “merge” or “verify” your account.

Fixed now of course.

Rolf, every time i kill, die even if i kill boss or mob, my record doesn’t change
User: Hirochi
DarkPoints: 70
PVP Kills: 5
Mob Kills: 64
Boss Kills: 1
Deaths: 5
Time: 2

Reload the page maybe that will help.

Please read through https://dark-gaming.com/thread/dtp-ranks.191.

popstar how do i reset my rank and get my DP back?

it keeps saying failure

For some reason, my name is three lines long where the drop-down menu is.