Rangers Minigame

Hi I thought that it won’t be a bad idea adding a new minigame called " Rangers"

It’s simple:
Once entering it you enter a small room which have singleplayer and multiplayer
In single player it will always save progress and I spawns different enemies with different health and every enemy you kill the next have more health
You have a wodden bow and with the score you gain you upgrade your bow and it gets expensive with time and you need to buy new different arrows (with infinite arrows for starting)
You can add guns too

And for multi-player you need to reach a new bow like demonite bow and minishark
It’s where you team up with 2 other players at least then fight the other teams (you can play solo too)

And of course every 5 enemies in single-player gives you 1 dp
And in multiplayer for each player you kill you get 2 dp

Is it a good idea?

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It sounds more like a private lobby for Zombies… Its very similar to it as well.


It feels like but the zombies can’t move in that gmae
They are still and unable to fight but they gain more hp the more you advance