Random Rumble

I don’t have a name for this one but hey, It’s an PvP gamemode other than the unfinished duel.

When joining you will be put in a lobby, where until 5 more people join, the game won’t start.
You and the others will be put in intermission, with all given a random PvP loadout, these loadouts will be presets to not make it luck-based, these presets won’t better or worse than the others, but rather loadouts not used in normal PvP, for example: melee loadout, no tabi loadout and etc.
In intermission you will have 10 seconds to accommodate, then you will be send to a duel arena with the 5 others to PvP.
All will have 3 lives, and when you run out of lives you will be send to intermission.
The 2 players last standing will be send to another duel arena, where they will have to fight, they will only have 1 live. there the players that were in intermission will be teleported to the arena so they are able to spectate. The one who wins that fight has won the game

So many new gamemode suggestions these days…

This one is a great idea imo


Couldn’t this command be implemented instead? Players could just use this in command in a duel.

Although. . .

You still can’t invite more than 1 other player to a duel.