Random guy from SR

(Wow another intro O.0)
Hi DG, I’m Rusty, and most of the active members here already know me slightly.
I enjoy PvPing, a bit of building(Somewhat uncommon.), being a Grammar Nazi, Making fun of Avery, and Terraria 'n stuff.
I don’t give out much personal info, so don’t expect any here. :3
My life consists of gaming, swimming, sustaining my life, and stuff.
You may not know, but I’m pretty sarcastic, and a most of the time, an ass. x>
Anyway, it’s nice to finally be on the forums. (Thanks to Rufflez <3)
So yea, nice meeting you. :3

Hey Rusty…

Rust go home you’re drunk

Ok great to know a little about you, though what was the purpose of this thread?

It’s an introduction thread. The purpose being for him to introduce himself to the community.

Oh, well, it’s just a bit surprising to see a thread of someone introducing himself to the community.

Well, there’s a “New Members” section for a reason…

The comments on this intro lack any energy, something tells me that this isn’t a happy intro. ;-;

It’s more that we all already know you.
I mean, we steam chat all the time…