I wouldn’t quite consider this a clan, since I don’t intend to expand the size of it.

I would consider myself a Rogue. The details of Quicksilver are contained here.

Name: Quicksilver
Type: Renegade [Solo]
Colours: Mainly Silver
Skills: Protection/Building

Any posts on this thread which would be “applications” are instead employment~ !

So feel free to hire me temporarily for projects if you need the extra hands. Oh! did I mention, I work for the benefit of others who deserve my aid, no money required!

i LOVE building things!! xD i made Nameless ninja’s castle before he got banned. it was soo fun and i’m always making sentences outta blox xD it sounds fun!..but wood i have to quit my clan?

Ofcourse not. As written, I am not recruiting. I’m a rogue, a solo player that will take jobs to help people in projects.

This is a great use of your time, and it is very generous of you.

I try

well i could help ppl build stuff too. if u r not on or if u r busy helping someone make a house or whatever i could help the second person xD

i am really good at writing stuff xD. i made the RL letters beside the underwater base :wink:

Best of luck. The Cobalt Rebellion solutes you soldier.

when i wear silver dye it looks ghostly lol. i put some on cuz i was painting with sooo much white paint i spilled some on me lol

-Salutes Warsong- Thank you, Sir.

cough sir lolcough,cough haha warsongcough,cough

What she means is Warsong is a girl. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Sir sounds more formal than ma’am. Regardless of gender.

:stuck_out_tongue: ok haha