"QuickSilver" Offical Thread

“But no matter how jagged your path is, You’ll always come back to the road.
When the dust of battle settles, The war still rages within.”

Welcome to Quicksilver, the honorable ones. We fight to protect, we live to defend. It’s never a matter of life or death, it’s a matter of what breaks first, your will? Or the barriers in your way? We have no clan attire, wear what makes you feel proud to represent us.
Currently we are invite only, which means that if you intend to join our ranks, you will need to fill out a simple application (Note: Your application reflects who you are as a person. Impress me!) :

In-Game Name:
Why you wish to join:

Cobalt Rebellion
Rainbow Legion

Currently, None.

Should you wish to become an ally, I would appreciate it if you would fill out a form:

Clan Name:
Why you’d be a good ally:

The Silver Knight Paladin [Paladin]

Clan Only Ranks
[Paladin] -Head Honcho (Me)
[Crusader] - Second in Command
[Knight] - Members who have done honorable acts.
[Knave] - Members a month old
[Squire] - Members a week old
[Initiate] - New members

-Do not bad-mouth clan members.
-Do not bad-mouth other clans.
-Keep profanity to a minimum.
-Show everyone equal respect, regardless of rank/clan/gender/age.

I think I have the power to request to be allies, because BoB is busy. So, I wish to be allies, because I believe we will work good together, and let no one stand in our way. Also, you are a good friend, so I hope you let us become allies. So please consider it! Thank you! - Legoman/chenaley [Rainbow Legion Manager]

Ghost, you asked before if we could be allies. The final verdict is yes. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, but since this is new. I would think it resets. Would you like to be allies, if so, read the form :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

can we be allies

Wapa, Read the OP. There is a form for petitioning to be allies, a simple “Can we be allies” is insufficient as that does not display any beneficial outcome to being associated with you.

The Cobalt Rebellion.

The Cobalt Rebellion is a fairly new clan that is growing fast. Everyday it obtains at least 5 new trustworthy recruits. We have many trusted members in our clan. Each of them has filled out an application just to make sure we are getting the finest selection of people we can find. We have many tricks up our sleeve, but, we have only a few allies. Almost all of our leaders are the friendliest you can find. To every new ally, we welcome them with open arms. The clan has only a few easy rules that are beneficial to everyone. The Cobalt Rebellion has many well made buildings, secret hideouts, battle plans, weapons and good people. We could provide you and your people a vast amount of beneficial resources. Even though our name is the Cobalt Rebellion we would be extremely loyal to you and your clan. Together, we would be able to win every single battle, side by side.
I really do hope you accept us as allies.

-Tip [Recruiter and Public Speaker]

Lego: A good petition, I will accept as I know you have a respectable legion.

Tip: A truly exceptional petition. your plight has gained my attention. I accept.

I would benefit from both of you. May the future be full of promise!

here is my application

[Q1] Spectral Magic

[Q2] in many ways I am a very powerful person as my allie CR saw I had Rainbow Legion’s Base To Myself But I gave it back and also It might just be me but soon I will grow my clan is a very new clan as well so soon I could populate lots of people

I Hope You Accept This -Wapapapapapow

Sorry To go off topic but i see that you are allies with RL and CR. Currently RL and CR have an official rivalry between each other. Say there was a battle between both, would you refuse to allie or would you pick a side. I only want your honest opion.
-Emperor and Founder of CR ~ C

I respect that you can confront me with such a topic, sir. I would not take a side, I see no reason to engage in conflict as of now as it would only generate an extra enemy. To take either of your side would serve NO benefit. I sincerely hope you understand my dilemma.

-Paladin Silver