Question about some banned items in build

I think banned items for both survival and build, if true, please separate

  1. Logic sensor (player above); different types of ropes
    Might be very useful in maps, but i dont know, they just remove automatically after i place them, why?

  2. super absorbant sponge
    Not quite banned, but if you use it for like 5 seconds, you get stoned.

  3. Lava absorbant sponge
    I have no perms to perform that action

  4. Bottomless lava bucket
    Ok, i understand why its banned for common people. But if mb perms given to trusted people, why not allow them to use that

  5. Different kinds of shells. I think i know why they banned, because in survival you was able to dupe that. But dupe is patched, so allow maybe

  6. Plates. They are fine, but when map gets moved, they become useless. I remember Durtle said something about registering them or wtf, make that automatic pls

I think i will extend list maybe. Cant make this wiki cuz not regular, but you still can suggest ideas via replies


What about ropes/vines?
You can make very good bridges with that, and vines give details to the nature theme.


yup, forgor


Why no mods responding?


Because mods can’t ban items and most of us don’t know why they’re banned either


:kekm: send this to Rofle then…

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These two are likely because normal members cannot place water/lava on their own. Because of that, if these were unbanned, some random passerby would be able to remove the water/lava a manager placed in a build at the builders request. Similarly, world grief is against the rules, and having access to sponges would allow people to remove the natural water/lava generated around the map.

Because map builder perms aren’t given to trusted members, it’s given to members that have made a map. You don’t need to be trustworthy to do so, and it’s definitely not an act that is going to make you any more trustworthy on its own. Couple this with the very lacking moderation of Build as a whole and it’s not worth the effort it’d demand to make sure the perms are in the right hands.

Yes, I believe Quinci placed a global ban on these a long time ago due to the duping glitch, and the fact that they hardly ever seemed to be used outside of survival.

These two I don’t think anyone knows the reasoning behind, besides maybe Rofle.


I mean I’m not the one that wants an answer

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