PvP Update v1.1.7 | Duel Gamemode!

Balance Changes

A modest amount of changes have been sitting on the backburner for a few weeks, and will be pushed with this update! To view them all in full detail click here.

  • Molten Helmet
    Defense increased from 22 → 24
    Damage decreased from 15% → 14%
  • Molten Greaves
    Magic Damage increased from 10% → 11%
    With no real place in the meta, these changes aim to help balance Molten Armor’s usages in hybrid and as a set to be more well rounded.
  • Solar Flare Helmet
    Defense increased from 22 → 23
  • Solar Flare Leggings
    Defense increased from 27 → 29
  • Solar Flare Breastplate
    Defense decreased from 16 → 13
  • Orichalcum Mask
    Defense decreased from 28 → 27
  • Orichalcum Breastplate
    Defense increased from 26 → 28
  • Gi
    Defense increased from 21 → 23
  • Crystal Assassin, Frost, & Beetle Legs
    Defense increased from 24 → 25
    General defense shifts to match up with the slight defense decreases from the last update, all of this aimed at trying to increase kits generally not preferred & increase hybrid options
  • Solar Eruption
    Max Damage reduced from 120 → 98
    Damage reduced from 79 → 74
  • Stellar Tune
    Max Damage reduced from 111 → 84
    Damage reduced from 72 → 65
  • Rainbow Rod
    Damage reduced from 67 → 62
    Max Damage reduced from 98 → 80
  • Magic Missile
    Damage reduced from 70 → 65
    All of these changes made in the name of significantly reducing the viability of wall pierce options, generally a meta where these options are more functional than most other weapons is not preferred as many of these tools become swiss army knifes. This also aims to keep the other wall pierce options in line with the previous Flying Dragon nerf from 1.1.6
  • Aqua Scepter
    Max Damage reduced from 84 → 80
    Damage reduced from 71 → 61
    Velocity reverted from 20 → 13
    Unbeknownst to me, Aqua Scepter has a few odd mechanics tied to the velocity of both players when dealing damage, which causes it to oftentimes hit twice as fast as it normally would. With this in mind, its damage capabilities have been severely reduced in order to compensate for this feat.

Duel Gamemode

Finally, after a very long amount of time, the duel gamemode has been updated!
The new format brings a few small improvements that have been plaguing the duel gamemode for a long time, namely:

  • Both players are killed after each round (thus healing, and removing healing potion cooldowns)
  • Permabuffs have been added to the duel, ensuring universal buffs will not wear out
  • Duel scores are now posted after the duel ends
  • Slime rain and similar events are entirely disabled
  • All duel arenas have been updated to their most recent state, and most have had the beds removed to reduce methods of camping

More features are planned, but for now hopefully this change will enable the duel gamemode to be utilized in place of manually warping to duels with little to no QoL lost in the process.


nice, lets go


ah yes, rainbow rod was always way too op for a wallpierce and insanely hard to dodge weapon, but you can always spam click magic missile lol

stellar tune needed it, im sorry, but invisible projectiles + wallpierce? hell no

molten armor and gi buff was also a good thing… prehardmode loadouts are now slightly better :smiley:

poor solar eruption… i know why it should be nerfed, but its still a small blow to my meta
overall, i would give this update a



… bro what?


wdym “what” its completely balanced


Ik, I was saying in a not-so-clear way my confusion on why you gave the update a ranking.


my opinion means nothing, I just felt like it UwU


furry alert.


OwO ara ara =(’~’)=

Solorion trigger intensifies