PvP Update v1.1.1 | August Tournament

Balance Changes

  • Nebula Blaze: Damage -3 (77) | Max Damage -11 (99)
  • Tactical Shotgun: Min Damage +20 (20)
  • Ghastly Glaive: Velocity +13 (55)
  • Revolver: Damage -12 (108) | Max Damage -13 (125)
  • Frost Bolt: Damage +1% (109%) (yes really)
  • Chlorophyte Shotbow: Damage -4 (90)
  • Tsunami: Damage -2 (88)
  • Rainbow Rod: Max Damage +13 (98)

PvP Tournament!

Come one come all for the Summer 2021 DG PvP Tournament!
Hosted by yours truely, I will be streaming and commentating over the entire bracket as I’ve done in the past.
A simple small subset of requirements in order to participate:

  1. You must be a recognized PvPer.
    The tournament’s goal is to be hosted on a friday and end on a sunday evening, however as history has proven that’s REALLY difficult with a large number of participants.
  2. You must be available from 9:30 PM ~ 2:00 AM August 20th ~ 22nd
  3. That’s it! Contact me on Discord if you’d like to participate, and presuming you fill the first rule, I’ll send you the invite to join the tournament bracket. Best of luck everyone~

Top 3 wins discord nitro provided by yours truly :stuck_out_tongue:
if you have no discord sucks 2 be you the next person in line gets it


huh? how do they join without discord then? also, if someone without discord (somehow) wins, i think a credit/dp prize could be used instead.


Pvp lounge :wink: