PvP Tournament

Welcome to the very first PvP Tournament at Dark Gaming.

Tournament Type: 1v1v1; FFA
Tournament Host: Rofle
Tournament Minimum Participants: 6
Tournament Start-date: 15th running through until end of 16th
Tournament Join-method: Post a reply below to say if you’re in
Tournament Rules:

  • No buffs
  • Healing/Mana Potions allowed
  • No commands
  • Rod of discord is to be used to teleport around the arena not outside of it
    Round-type: First to three wins
    Tournament Rounds:
    First Tournament Round: 2 FFA sets with 1v1v1 each.
    Second Tournament Round: 2nd place from each set plays 1v1; winner moves to semi-final
    Final Tournament Round: 1v1v1 FFA

Match #1 Results:
1st - Pickles: 6
2nd - Steve the Summoner: 2
3rd - Victor: 0

Match #2 Results:
1st - Terrance: 6
2nd - WubbidyWubz: 2
3rd - LordBomby: 1

Finals Results
Terrance: 5
pickles: 2

Terrance wins the Tournament!

#1st place

  • 2 Inventory Upgrade’s
  • 2 random items
  • 1 “Champion” [Title]
  • 1 “the Worst” [Tag]
  • 1 choose-your-color [Color]

#2nd place

  • 1 Inventory Upgrade
  • 1 “Protector” [Title]
  • 1 “the Best” [Tag]
  • 2 random items

#3rd place

  • 1 Inventory Upgrade
  • 2 random items

#4th place

  • 1 Inventory upgrade
  • 1 random item

#5th place and below

  • 1 “Loser” [Title]


  • 1 “/buildmode” [Cmd]

I was going to do third “the One with the hairy chest” but thats kinda long :stuck_out_tongue:

count me in!!!

Count me in too please.
And what about weaponry? any restrictions about other kinds of weapons?
(Like-no launchers allowed?)

I will join the tournament.

I’m going to assume we can’t use potions?

I’m going to assume we can use potions.

When I last did a tournament, I wasn’t allowed to use buffs or potions

Are you saying that only the last round is 1v1? Also, if we do get last place (not that I think i will) can we change our title back to what we had it at? Or do you get rid of the titles we had in our inventory?

Count me in! :smiley: Even if I’ll lose. :confused:

The loser title is a prize. I updated OP with rules.

Guess I’m out. No buffs, no PvP.

Are you saying that I can change the tag loser if I get it?

And no in, no prizes. While you’re sulking about buffs, other people will hold unique title and tags as well as a position on the championship leaderboard. It seems you won’t be participating in any championships at all since they’re all no-buffs. And I do welcome the winner because I have something special to give them which is not listed. Buffs make PvP stupid and silly; no buffs, better PvP.

It’s a title. You can wear it or not it’s up to you.

I feel like I should get a good place…when do we start?

I understand that you won’t allow buffs, but this:

I very much disagree with this.

Lifeforce buff is stupid in PvP. Weapons are not balanced at 500hp let alone 600hp.

Can I please join???

Yea, because one-shotting people about 30% of the time with the sniper rifle is balanced. :stuck_out_tongue: (At 500 HP)

It is. Tell me you can run around with a sniper and one shot people. It requires you to stand still for max output. All while someone else is spamming stuff around the corner.

Are you saying I can play if I have 500 HP?