*PvP Timer*

We all know that pvp is like the best thing ever right? Well, don’t you hate those people who just disable and enable pvp every second? It drives me Craaazy! I think we should add in a pvp timer/alarm to stop these “Cherry pickers”. So when people Enable pvp BAM! They cant disable pvp until 30 seconds are up. Now it doesn’t need to be 30 it can be 10, 20, 40,or even 60 seconds! I just think this will improve the server because people can play pvp fairly, without these annouyning noobs running around cherry picking. I just hate that. Furthermore, you can add in a personal whisper chat saying how much time there is left. So ill make a little chat for you guys to show you what I mean, a bit hard to explain…

XxSlayerxX enabled PvP
*5 seconds later
XxSlayerxX: I cant disable pvp?! >:/
(Personal Note) You have (x) seconds left
XxSlayerxX: Ohh there is a timer!! :smiley:
XxSlayerxX was shot in half but Rofle’s Meteor shot
*30-60 seconds later
(Personal Note) You may now disable pvp
(End of example)

Yea… I just hate cherry pickers… So anyways, please give me your opinion about this idea and maybe bump it so the admins could see.(?) I hope you guys like it! Because I do!! Thanks for your time!

I know that I could make /pvp have a cooldown with an extra plugin. It might not be that soon but it’s in the near future.

Oh that’s awesome! :slight_smile:

Yeah xD Gotta hate those Erm… “Cherry pickers” lol they suk

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I approve; I find it extremely annoying whenever there’s players spamming their pvp like that.

Yea this gives the noobs a advantage and it’s really annoying. This problem has caused me over 100+ deaths and it makes me mad. i totally agree with the PvP timer.

I can’t wait until you add the plugin! :smiley:

Yes… I have had about 100 deaths from newbs enabling PvP, killing me, I go to avenge myself, they turn off PvP

The cherry pickers are easy targets in my opinion. It’s easy. Just always be shooting around. If you catch one of them with a shot, they’re almost guaranteed to die from the next. :stuck_out_tongue: – sniper-- They’re noobs. They suck…

Don’t even get me started on Terra spammers and campers :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean? Are you trying to say that you’re a noob?

Most cherry pickers enable pvp when your in the middle of pvping so its hard to turn around and attack. Also, they use the familiar cloth + Invisibility potion to get behind you then enable. Think of all the possibilities.

Mocab… You should know that I am NOT a newb.

Guys, I don’t want this thread to become negatively offensive to others. I don’t really want you guys fighting. So please, save us a lot of trouble and stop.

Slayer… I wasn’t fighting… I’m not a newb…

I’ve never seen a cherry picker use an invisibility potion. They just walk up to you.

I’m not saying the timer is a bad idea.