PvP For Dummies

Hello, fellow players! My name is XxNiteMarexX, and today I am going to show you the basics of how to get good at PvP.


  • Daybreak
    A very efficient PvP weapon. It’s best used for mid-range combat and getting your opponent to low health

-Sniper Rifle
An amazing high-damage ranged weapon. The bullets travel extremely fast, making it an almost guaranteed hit in small areas. The best bullets to use with it are luminite and high velocity bullets.

A very useful weapon with an amazing fire rate and good damage. Just don’t use it against anyone Staff Assistant+( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-Vortex Booster
The fastest way to travel in PvP. The horizontal movement is amazing for escaping a battle.

-Worm Scarf/Frozen Turtle Shell
The 17% damage reduction That the worm scarf gives you is extremely useful. When your health gets low enough, switch to frozen turtle shell for an additional 8% damage reduction. Switch back to worm scarf when the buff wears off.

-Paladin’s Shield
A great accessory for beginners in solo and team PvP. The extra 6 defense and knockback resistance is very useful. The buff that it gives you is useless in solo PvP, but it is useful for being a tank in team PvP.

That’s all my advice for now. I know more, but I’ll leave it to you to figure it out. Have fun in PvP! :wink:

XxNiteMarexX, signing out.

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#Ban S.D.M.G.
It’s also a good idea to have a weapon that goes through walls such as the frost staff of the hydra. Another good thing to have is a weapon that can poke above you such as a blizzard staff or whatever that bow is called… But weapons won’t make you good, not at all. You need the skill and strategy that comes with practice.

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Yeah i just said the basics

you can be an amazing player but be bad at pvp because of your loadout.

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it’s called “Daedalus Stormbow” Avery.

and Also #ban Snowman Cannon

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yeah #bansnowmancannon

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What’s wrong with the snowman cannon?

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It crashes my computer. Or Go Blue Screen.

I have no problems with Celebration and SDMG, because I have 103 and 57% damage resistance

Even though my favorite weapon was Snowman Cannon, I would really appreciate if you ban Snowman Cannon because of it’s kinda giving Lag to the server or Massive Cliant Lag, Or even Blue Screens, or Even Worse Problems.

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If you’re getting blue screens you might want get a new computer. I’ve only ever heard it called “The blue screen of death”.

For me the snowman cannon is fairly laggy, the projectiles all appear all at once so they’re near impossible to dodge, but don’t rangers need some weapons beside Celebration, Sniper Rifle, Vortex beater, Electrospere launcher and Phantasm? Wait that’s more then melee and mage have! Wait, it’s almost only used in PvP to spam! So then why is the snowman cannon not banned?

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Yes, The Blue Screen Of Death is caused By my Bad RAM Problem, Remember what I said About my computer overheats and I Left without Notice, Overheating can cause Problems to Your CPU, RAM, or even your Processor.

Everytime, that I go on Main, I Freeze for every 5 seconds, But Lag is still my Problem, Sometimes I get 18-30 FPS with 480+ ping.
If I Notice that my Terraria isn’t anymore Hanging/freezing, Blue Screen Will Show Up and Crash my computer.

I Dont Know why’s the meteor staff banned?..what’s the reason why’s The meteor staff banned?..It’s not stronger than Blizzard Staff.

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