PvP - Dedicated Teamfighting

TL ; DR: Can there be a dedicated mode, maybe alongside duels, to participate in team fights with multiple other players under DG’s PvP balancing?

Currently, in Dark Gaming’s PvP, the options are free for all and duels. Duels are fairly straightforward by name, as is FFA. However, one of the current rules for FFA is that players, by default, are not allowed to team up. If they wish to do so, they can only do so if everyone online agrees to it.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it helps keep it a free for all, and I’ve certainly seen a few people not teaming but instead politely ignoring each other (which I also think is fine) for one reason or another. However, because the PvP server is a free for all and I’ve never, ever seen anyone bother asking to team within the rules (a couple times someone in particular was playing with Sentries and doing so well that people were trying to team and kill him without compliance from everyone online to team), I wanted to ask the question: what if we could instead put the teams together ourselves, independently from FFA? PvP is one thing in itself, even when modified for balance as Dark Gaming’s is, but fighting between groups with the same equipment we all know and use? It’s a whole different kettle of fish for strategies and tricks we might not consider in a simple one on one battle. Hence, why I’m suggesting a teamfighting mode for PvP to maybe spice things up a bit, 2v2, 3v3, etc. Or for more chaos in a teams, a large number of players could be split into 4 (or more!) teams.

People already team PvP, warping into the duel arena and joining different team colors.
It’s not against the rules to do this and it does not disrupt the FFA arena, but it’s a pretty tacky way of team PvPing admittedly.

Anyhow, perhaps the duels mode should be modified and renamed to accommodate for team PvP.
The dueling system already has many features, including health customization and a lives system, that a team mode would have. It only needs a few more features to support teams.


The disruption part is true, I’ve never seen it happen too much enough to happen. But it isn’t against the rules? Did that get unofficially changed from the rules statement? If so, I must have missed that…

*from Section 3 of the rules, dedicated to PvP, hence my concern

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I thought this wasn’t against the rules. I guess I’m not so certain about this then.

However, from my experience, the enforcement of this clause is lenient. Players have been scarcely banned, warned, or even reprimanded by staff because of teaming in general.
Furthermore, the main point of this rule is to dissuade giving any player a clear advantage in FFA, and again, team PvP in the duels arena avoids any disruption in the FFA arena (I’m not sure if the jurisdiction of this clause is implied to extend all the way to the duels arena).

Besides, team PvPing in the duels arena has been inadvertently supported. I’ve seen Madeira do it before, but perhaps his endorsement is irrevelant.

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The purpose of the rule is to stop people ganging up on others in FFA.
If you are with others in an arena that is separate from the main FFA arena and wish to do a team deathmatch or team duel, you can, as was stated it’s not disrupting FFA.
This rule hasn’t been clarified because technically players aren’t supposed to be able to leave the FFA arena to begin with, but the need for dueling is simply not met right now so I’ve chosen to let players go to semi-private duel arenas at their leisure. These arenas can be used for TDM.
A TDM gamemode is something we have the ability to create currently, it just needs its own arena.
It’s simply not a priority. Not enough players are interested in TDM as opposed to dueling or usetime/useanimation and other features, so we haven’t put our efforts into it.