PvP Cheating- Ghost

Just few minutes ago, Ghost has kept to use life cheat all the day on PvP against some players, so I decided to check it myself, when it cleared to be true, and I hit him over than 20 times with my Legendary Terra blade, kept on dealing damage, but his health was restored.
I got 10 pictures, so I will just post the link to see them all.


True story, I was there myself.

Was it healing or just a bit of lag which left him on 0hp for a while? Just wondering, as its kinda hard to tell from the screenshots

Right after I “killed” the known player, his life was restored immediately back to full life (500HP), over and over again.
I watched the damage that was done by me and the restoring amount of HP.
I was called by Inferno and a bunch of players who said that he’s cheating, so we got witnesses.

Yes, I was using the Terra blade (which most people do) and I got him down to about 100 health when his health automatically jumped back up to 500. This happened every time I tried killing him. I can tell you that this was not lag.

Ok then, just wait for a staff member with banning capabilities to follow up on this then :).

Pulls out Sniper Rifle Godmode or invincibility?

Invincibility, Tiln. As I said, his life is being restored when he arrives to 0HP back to 500 minus the damage I done to him on the 1st hit after the cheat has been activated.

Well the screenshots prove something about this but i wasnt there to see so i have no clue but im going with the Invincibility theory for this

If this is cheating, then I see people cheating a lot! Every day I play the game in fact…almost. I always thought they were lagging or something. This would happen while they were running around shooting too, but usually I would have them pinned on a wall. :smiley:

If its lag? If it abit more shooting or hitting, around two or thre more it is lag.
But definately not if you hit more than six or seven times, but it can be massive lag