PVE: WIP ML Arena: breaking the spawn sign makes your character entering text in chat without permission


Dimensions or Services it affects
PVE, /warp ml (ML Arena), orange spawn sign

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
When you break the spawn signs 2 or more times consecutively

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug


Because of that I saw the ML arena is WIP I tried /warp ml to see what is going on. It warped me to a ne2 arena.

The spawn sign was there, ready with commands filled and I broke it. 15 dungeon guardians spawned. After that I tried to beat them many times. At the first breaking of the spawn sign a message was entered by me without consent / manual entry in the chatbox, just breaking the sign: “*Glasia is dumb enough to fall for this” or similar in /me orange.

The second and onward breakings of the spawn sign triggered the spam filter with “Ignored for repetition”. But the message is still in the logs and I could be sued for spamming the logs if the filter is activated many times in a short period of time

If the playing with the dungeon guardians in the WIP ML arena is forbidden, feel free to tell me that. I feared if someone programmed the sign to /me hates (N-Word) then if a mod sees that they will ban me even if I didn’t enter any text.

If you ask whether I succeeded, I succeeded at the seventh try.


Noone has the permissions to edit the sign except the staff, so you shouldn’t be really frightened.