PvE - Wall of Flesh arena exit is blocked

Relevant: On both PC, and mobile devices. Any that have access to the PvE Dimension.
Dimension it affects: PvE
In - game name: Tru3thful
How often it happens: Any time any player exits the Wall of Flesh Arena via the warp plate.

The Wall of Flesh arena’s exit warp plate teleports players to the Old One’s Army arena entrance warp plate. Previously this was a minor inconvenience at worst, but now that the OOA arena entrance warp plate is blocked off, players who exit the Wall of Flesh arena via its warp plate are teleported into the blocks obstructing what was previously the OOA arena entrance plate. Anyone can just use a recall item, /spawn, or warp somewhere else using commands to escape, but not everyone knows that.


I know this is not the intention of this bug report, but nevertheless, I believe that the WoF exit warp plate should just be removed. There’s no indication of its location in the WoF arena, and because of this, most players just use /spawn anyway.

Besides, its removal will only be a provisional measure since Legolas#1 is currently overhauling the PvE arena (which is probably the reason why the OOA arena entrance warp plate is obstructed).


I don’t think this is in the Duke / EoL arena either, unless those are being updated too.