PvE - Two missing bosses

Topic is pretty simple, maybe iam somehow missing it, or not BUT:
Empress of Light and Cultist are the missing bosses in PvE Arena

I know one is harder than Moonlord and another is easier than Destroyer, however,
I think this server is good for players that wants to do the hardest achievements like with
boss fights ect.

If anyone from administration would like to take the time to “update” this and create a topical for it,
I think it would underline the respect for the server, especially by new players.

That is all, thank you.
Sounds simple but … some things might be much more difficult to do.
P.S. I am not Terraria Pro or sth like that i just like when multi servers are fully created under the best.

Empress Of Light is in the Duke Fishron arena, but I’d like an arena dedicated to her and her only because her sign also spawns two Dukes.

Cultist might not be in PvE because of the lunar event trigger.