PvE Moon Lord and Balance Update

After so long… the PvE dimension finally updates!

This update brings a Moon Lord arena along with some changes for the whole PvE dimension balance:


  • TankBot added near Moon Lord arena, so it can target TankBot if a player leave the arena.

  • Golem Arena is now available.

  • Added a buff station in spawn and fixed some details.

  • Added a secret place.

  • Nerfed Queen Bee max spawns by 2.

  • Plantera cooldown is now to 60 seconds.

  • Reduced strength multiplier (DMG/HP) from ALL BOSSES in PvE Dimension.

  • Added two new functions to Boss Signs:

    Player Count is the fourth element seen in a Boss Sign, affects bosses only, it adds more hp to a boss by the amount of playerCount set. This is just like adding more players to a dimension and obviously expect bosses to have their hp increased, but attributed in a sign.
    e.g Dimension has 5 players and a Boss Sign with PlayerCount set to 3, the boss is summoned as if there were eight players in the dimension.

    The true/false value means if Player Count multiplier is locked, so players in the dimension don’t impact with a boss hp.
    e.g Dimension has 1000 players and a Boss Sign with PlayerCount set to 2 and true value, the boss is summoned as if there were two players in the dimension.

  • These changes will make bosses deal less damage but with health increased.

Moon Lord Arena

Golem Arena

PvE Rules Changes


nice job on the arenas! time to make a golem farm bot- i mean, setup :hahayes: