PVE: Cap the amount of instances of bosses of one type that can be active at once with caps for each type

If there is X copies of the boss in PVE active and someone tries to spawn another one then it should get blocked because you can hit enemy cap with only one boss and then no one could fight elsewhere.

Here are the proposed limits

  1. King slime - 30
  2. Eye of Cthulhu - 30
  3. Eater of Worlds - 3 (due to its segments)
  4. Brain of Cthulhu - 5 (due to its creepers)
  5. Queen Bee - 25
  6. Skeletron - 15
  7. Deerclops - 15 (if it gets implemented in PVE)
  8. Wall of Flesh - 1
  9. Queen Slime - 20
  10. Destroyer - 1 (due to segments and probes if it gets unblocked)
  11. Twins - 10
  12. Skeletron Prime - 8
  13. Plantera - 8
  14. Duke Fishron - 10
  15. Empress of Light - 1
  16. Golem - 15
  17. Lunatic Cultist - 7
  18. Moon Lord - 1

That might not be a good idea. For example, there are two places you can spawn QB: one at the QB arena, and one in the Mixed arena. When someone is occupying the space in the QB arena, I like to use the sign in the mixed to farm. If there was a limit to how many bosses were spawned, it would cause people at both signs issues. The solution to this problem is simply reporting those that continuously spawn bosses until the cap is reached. All users should not be punished for the actions of one, keep this in mind.