Project T update!

First things first, if you didn’t already know about Project T, basically, it’s my server that Rofle gave to me. Same IP as the gm server, just with the port changed to 3000. Come stop by, I can’t guarantee anyone will be there. lol
The purpose/point of the server was to create a balanced PvP enviroment through the use of SSC + loadout chests. However, after some time, I started doubting that will work.
News Flash
We’ve gotten rid of SSC, and have instead moved the loadout arenas to the side, and are now considering it to be more of a minigame instead of the purpose of the server.
Essentially, we’re going from that ^^^^^^ to becoming more of a regular server. The only difference will be that our main and only focus will be PvP. Building isn’t going to be encouraged like it will be on other servers, but it will still be a thing. We have to get new arenas, spawns, and expansions somehow ;p
Basically, we’re going from trying to force PvP into what we want it to be, to just turning the server into a place for PvPers to go to do as they are inclined to do. PvP.
Also, PvP Tournament anyone? Nah, jk.
…or am I…?
Welcome to the present
I’ll see you in the future