Project Battle Arena

Hi. I thought I’d let anyone who doesn’t know, about a small project for extending the Trading System. Project Battle Arena is a browser-based PvP Game, that uses an authoritative server to limit cheating, a top-down perspective (as opposed to side perspective of Terraria) and a balanced system of game mechanics to allow players to engage in combat in an alternate environment to Terraria to gain XP, DP and learn more about the Dark Precursors and Genetic Rebellion.

The project is only a few days old, and there’s only 2 people working on it at the moment. If you were to load up the game as it is now, in your browser, it would look something like this (although this is only a small part of the screen):

The sprites will probably change, since most of these are simply from resources online. The game will hopefully boast the following:
[li]Balanced PvP[/li]
[li]Different maps that can be used by many different lobbies of people per map[/li]
[li]A variety of weapons and classes[/li]
[li]Bots that pose somewhat of a challenge[/li]
[li]Different gamemodes[/li]
[li]High Framerate (60fps) on most systems[/li]
[li]Mechanics built specifically for favouring skill[/li]

This is being built alongside the new Phase. Changes are also being made to the Trading System as planned per previous threads.

Current Project Members:

  • popstarfreas [Programmer]
  • Blanc [Graphics/Art]

Testers: (who have tested thus far)

  • popstarfreas
  • Blanc
  • A68
  • Knight_Robokill
  • Connor
  • TheAwesomeAlien24
  • Unarmedbox

any chance i could test this. it seems very cool and if Blanc is doing graphics i’m sure it will be awesome. :smiley: good luck with the project and i hope it goes well

^^; don’t think too highly of me. In terms of graphics and spriting, I’m nowhere near the level Rofle is with coding. I don’t think we need any more testers as of the moment either. Honestly, Rofle and I alone could almost do all the testing… almost…
Fuck School

I was just playing the one with arrows with someone else at college and I had 300ms ping and he had 900ms ping xD

Further, I think my PSU is broken, so I’ll need to fix my PC before I can work on it that much. I did try to test the game on my mobile but uh, every time I try it just crashes my phone. It’s low-end anyway.

Bump, and Rofle how far down is this on your To-Do list? Is it like right after Faction Wars or before or…? Just wondering so I can try to guesstimate how long of a wait its gonna be (and to remind Sammich about this so he can do more sprites and whatnot). :stuck_out_tongue:

Shush you >n>