Profanity..... Not to be used.

I would ask everybody on the Dark-Gaming forum to not use profanity. (ex) Shoutbox, Threads, Pms, wall posts.
This has been a common happening on the forum. All of you know that, that it is a rule and that it never was not nor never will not be. So I would please ask everybody to refrain from using profanity.

EpicBossMan : Dogs are fucking better than cats

EpicBossMan : Cats are just little pieces of shit that annoy you for the rest of your fucking life until you fucking die or stab that bitch to death[/quote]

Some examples

Sorry Epic it was just a little horrifying.

There was also more that he said

Active Member

Fuck u dogs are better by like 9 trillion people[/quote]

I saw this the other day in the shoutbox. Also I have a witness. LlikeAsir

EpicBossMan I’m sorry I insulted you and cats. It’s just that my ADHD takes over my actions. I’m VERY sorry if I made you sad.[/quote]

He apologized. Just don’t do it again Epic.

I agree, it’s getting a little out of hand.

Yes it is… :frowning:

I hate how my ADHD takes over my actions and I am unable to do anything about it. I will just leave so that everyone is happy.

Epic that is not necessary. This was a message to everyone.

EBM, can you seriously just stop threatening to leave? I’m getting really sick of it. It’s not a big deal that you swore. Just please stop constantly saying you’re going to leave, and then don’t, for god sake!

That’s what I’m saying!

ya people should really stop cussing so much

he has said a lot of times he was 100% leaving and he wasn’t ever coming back

I finally took the liberty of banning him.

Ban EBM?



What rank was he?

People have anger issues… Im always happy and NEVER mad… EVER

really. that’s REALLY hard to believe

Im happy… REALLY HAPPY!!!

Is that why you named yourself KILLERkyle?


[quote=killerkyle]people have anger issues…I’m always happy and Never mad…Ever[/quote] that really contradicts your name killerkyle lol