Problem with a zombies map

so i have no idea if anyone has this issue other then me and a few of my friends but whenever we vote my map bewitched it crashes our games and the lobby freezes if not the game will stop responding and then we are forced to close the game i seem to only have this issue with bewitched but then again i never had any issues intel came out i been asking for about 3 days and was told to ask for help here i hope to get some kind of feedback soon pleas and thank you for your time


Try waiting for the map to load

yems i told you the issue the map wont load
by the time i loads everyone leaves and if we dont leave we get stuck in intermission after 30seconds the game will stop responding

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Oh I see the problem

Ill try loading it

Right now I think it’s just a problem with sending data from the version

Seems there’s a change in that affects teleporting which can cause this issue. I’ll see if I can do anything about it.


This should be fixed now (if you were on the server since 5 mins ago, you have to rejoin the server for it to apply). I only tested it for, I don’t know if this negatively impacts

I tested that warp and your map, both work for me now.