Potion glitching

Title says it all, I’d like to know how to proceeded with them ; I’ve found 2 people glitching with the inferno potion…It’s odd ; Highly odd. Seems like they exploit it just so they can have the effect on forever and I do mean forever…I don’t see it applied again or even them using a command to refresh the timer ; It perplexes me. Whatever the case is i’d still like advice.

I’ve tried communication and I get ignored most of the time , I even attempt to kick them…meh ; Going to bed for now.

See you all tomorrow. Hopefully no more exploitation in this regard.

Have you tried simply googleing it?

If I could google search hackers it would make my job much easier. As stated I simply need advice on HOW TO DEAL with glitchers. I’ve been kicking them and I think I banned a persistent one that ignored me three times and was kicked 2 times prior.

I don’t how you checked if they “applied again” but if you hit the Quick Buff hotkey then it won’t show them drinking a potion.

I already accounted for that. The timer was responsible ; As there is a brief pause when using hotkeys. No one is a machine as far as I know ; So there’s always a definite lapse of a few “nano” seconds. Thanks to the specialized stop-watch i installed to observe several other paraphernalia.

If there was some sort of “check buff” command I would use it. For now I’ll just use the stop-watch app to time people and effects however.