Posting Spam

Obviously it seems alot of you are ignorant of a Forum’s general rules. If you submit a post that does either of the following:

  • Does not contain very many words
  • Does not add to the threads discussion

Then it is considered spam and will be removed. From now on, if people keep spamming in this way I will simply disallow you from posting for x days until eventually I disable you from posting completely. The reason there’s no current limit on posts size is because of a few exceptions. You may :

  • Submit a post with not very many words if you are the OP and are making an announcement. For example “OP Updated”. Its only a couple of words but it is allowed because its a signification of a change of the OP which may or may not change the discussion. I would also like to point out that it maybe better to add "Edit: " to the end of a post if anything has changed since the OP was posted in order to not confuse anyone reading the thread for the first time.

I am glad we’re finally setting some ground rules for the Forum.


Finally, something is being done about that.