Post Liking Update + Realization about PM's

I found out why posts are so far and few between after a certain point on the fourms (i estimate between 3000-4000). See this post? you guys cant access it, but i can.

thats because its a PM (personal message) sent by the Dark Gaming System. For SOME REASON, PM’s use the same ID’s as regular posts. ive been wondering about this for months, and i finally know why (i got to a post which was a PM that was directed to me, this was shortly after i got to my first post) (in my quest to like all posts in the DG Fourms). This has proven to waste alot of time when it comes to liking posts.

Also off topic but I recently (not recently) overtook the Co-Founder of Discourse (the forum Dark Gaming Uses) in likes given.

Fadadada made a nice list of forums in Comment Frenzy (somewhere). alot of those forums have posts even bigger then Comment Frenzy, one even reaching 10,000. i listed all the ones with people who gave more likes then me

i found this guy. i could probably outdo him (unless DG runs out of likable posts/comments) considering he only liked 3k this year (i liked 25k times this year)

ah what the hell the top 3 in this forum beat me.

also they actively like posts, like they get like 37k posts given. i prolly cant beat these guys lol


I think you use the forums a bit too much


well then again ive visited the forums 50% less (because i visit this area every time i need to like posts, but i just dont feel like trudging through 100+ posts every day)


Are you Addicted to Liking Posts