Possibly "The Grand Design" item for admins only.

I have noticed that you can use this item Masterfully place wires/remove wires and do more with them. But I have noticed specifically that you can remove them, and the reason why im stating this bluntly is that it’s not fixed on the server, meaning tgat anyone can remove wires. I found out accidentally in the Left hand PvP area (i think it was a light or something under a bridge that i removed 2 wires). I just wanted to let you know, or if you did know and are now trying to fix it. I do apologize for accidentally griefing the server/area, if i can figure out how to set the wires back i will. Thank you for reading this, hope its soon adjusted.

                            ~It's been "Eonzz" since i last had some omelettes. 

I already want this banned along with a few other things.

This and the ‘Announcement Box’.

The Multicolor Wrench also needs to be banned, as it has the same problem The Grand Design poses.

This should no longer be a problem.