Possible removal of the item ID chat command?

This is basically a suggestion that implies what the title means. Overall, the purpose behind the existing item ID command has seemingly no use, besides being used in survival, of which is relatively confusing for both staff members, and normal members. By suggesting this, I am just asking for the removal, or a restriction, on the use of the command, kind of in the same way the use of chat color commands were disabled.

Command: [i:anyfournumbers] / [i:4112]

People don’t actually type the item ID manually, there’s a feature in Terraria that makes this easier. Quoting from this page:

One of the reasons the Color Tag was removed was to prevent bypassing DTP colors. However, Item Tags doesn’t seem to be circumventing anything

Btw these are not commands rather features of the Terraria chat. You can use these in a singleplayer world, and it will work the same.

I know that you are able to alt click an item to put it in chat; However, by typing the item ID, you are pretty much able to circumvent the fact that you are not in possession of an item, which is basically the same as using chat color commands to circumvent the fact that you aren’t in possession of a dtp color, just a slightly different concept. (This pretty much only applies to Survival, which I think? i made clear that this was mostly where I thought of this suggestion from)
Since you compared “manually typing the item ID” to just alt clicking it, assuming that the removal/restriction on explicitly the chat command for it places the same restriction on the use of just alt clicking items you are in possession of, then what I said above still doesn’t mean much, as I’d understand not having this happen if that was the case.

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Like you said, I am certain that restricting the usage of item IDs universally affects all methods of posting item IDs - both by alt+click or by manually typing it out.

Although this is an entirely different case regarding commands, I think this is a quite comparable case: quite a few servers banned the usage of emotes, so you cannot use the command, regardless of whether you manually typed out the command (eg: /rain, /sad, etc) or clicked an emote in the inventory display list.

However if I am wrong, and the method of alt+click is entirely separate from manually typing out the tag, I would like to see your suggestion become implemented.

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