Poll: Favorite Early Hardmode weapons (Melee+Ranged)

Choose below in this poll.

  • Amarok/Hel-Fire
  • Gradient
  • Frostbrand/Beam Sword
  • Ice Sickle
  • Bladetoungue
  • Dao of Pow
  • Bananarang
  • Drippler Crippler
  • Onyx Blaster
  • Ore Repeaters
  • Uzi
  • Daedaleus Stormbow
  • Dart Pistol/Dart Rifle
  • Other

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i like the shadowflame knife


onyx blaster is just overpowered. it’s always my first hardmode weapon I try to get upon beating woffle. It devastates the twins, skeletron prime, destroyer with crystal bullets, and plantera. I also use it a lot against pre-mech duke puke.

amarok is my go-to for hardmode melee weapon, a bit of a grind in underground hallow/ice, and I’ve got crystal shards, a rod of discord, a frozen tortoise shell, and an ice sickle and amarok as well as several milkshakes and apple pies in no time. I use everything obtained to destroy mechs or duke, depending on my mood.

I have only gotten drippler crippler once in a vanilla run before, it’s insanely good against crowds and bosses alike. I just wish the drop rate was like 10% higher.


Onyx, Daedalus and the Dart weapons are incredibly strong. They just obliterate everything easily, and aren’t that hard to get either. Daedalus has been made far less effective but remains top-tier, Onyx is pretty much just the best single-target ranged weapon for the first half of HM and Darts are so damn multipurpose it’s hard to find a situation where they aren’t capable of slaughtering the enemies present within seconds.

also, this. In one of my earlier runs (might’ve been my first PC run?) Shadowflame Knife carried me from HM start to the Lunatic Cultist—yes, I literally just flew around the roof of Golem’s room, hooking onto the ceiling occasionally while spamming knives down at him. It took less time than you’d think.