PM System Renovation

In coming time, the PM System will change. In appearance, it’ll look the same. However, it will be made (slightly) faster in terms of page load time and you’ll be able to have up to 10 participants in a PM. I’m limiting it simply because of the amount of rows that it has to insert to create the links.

Currently, you can only have 2 participants and that’s because of a design flaw in how I first developed the system. Upon revisiting, with newer knowledge, I am now able to provide a better system.

Changes that will be made:

  • May or may not delete all existing PM’s (If I can re-insert all the data I will)
  • PM Design will now be up-to-date with threads design. This includes username centring and editing PM’s (and maybe deleting)
  • Addition of an add/delete participant feature for the creator of PM Subjects
  • A block user feature - this stops a user from posting on your wall and PM’ing you
  • May or may not add a live-chat link with PM’s (bad idea?)

Feedback would be nice ~ thanks.

Nah Rofle that last one doesn’t really seem like a bad idea. All of this sounds great. I’m pretty sure that I don’t have any negative feedback. ^-^ Oh and what about adding more emoticons? XD

Give me links to them and their matched strings and I’ll add them :stuck_out_tongue:

Good one Donna \o/

sounds good Rofl :smiley:

Steal some more emotes from Skype :smiley:
I can also bring you some