Plugin Updates

This is an official post on the changes made in the previous restarts for the new plugin updates.

WhiteX re-write how Statistics works. The changes were mostly positive, so I decided to incorporate all of my modifications into the newer version of Statistics. On your side, not a lot has changed. All of your stats should still be there (although I believe I lost my time stat). Some people will be missing from the Leaderboards as it will require their stats to be synced before they an appear on the Leaderboard with the new plugin update.

The streaks from my modifications of Statistics has been moved to its own plugin. Apart from some chat colour changes, there has been a few additions. “/tp” and “/heal” will be unavailable while in PvP. “/tp” should deny you if you’re trying to teleport to a player in PvP (but has a known bug that doesn’t always stop this). Killstreaks will reset if you leave pvp (the actual length of time is around 1 second, but this is due to the use of “/reload” that causes pvp to temporarily disable for a very short amount of time. In a future update, Killstreaks will be recorded as a Statistic, along with Multi-Kills and other such pvp-related things. However, this will be separate from the Statistics plugin due to the careful nature of these statistics. Deathstreak messages now display every 10 deaths (in a streak), rather than just on the first 10 (in a streak).

The new command added is “/streak” which will tell you your current Kill/Death streak (depending on which one is in effect).
“/check” will now work without requiring “self”. So rather than “/check kills self” it’s just “/check k” or “/check kills”.

It’s possible with the change in the way stats work to have an actual live leveling up. For example, some sort of noise that notifies you that you’ve leveled up if you leave your inventory page open.

hi Rofle where is a thing where I cant heal or tp to people who are not in pvp, a glitch???

He recently did a reset to keep people from doing that stuff in pvp.
Also if your /heal doesn’t work try this:
/i heart = health
/i candy apple = health
/i candy cane = health
/i star = mana
/i soul cake = mana
/i sugar plumb = mana

yea me or the person wasn’t in pvp

Yea i couldn’t tp to someone because it said there are in PvP but they were really not in pvp