please unban me

i was ban for using reds wings and i regret it. please forgive me. i am sorry for what i did. i will not where reds armor or wings again on the server.

Post a ban appeal according to the format.

where is the format

  1. it says you are ban forever: dark-gaming/ban/921
  2. yes i was warned for wherign in reds wings. i was whering them because i went on my own world and put them on and i forgot to take them off
  3. i think i would be ban for a fair reason if i did not forget i had them on.
  4. i think i should be unban because i did listen when i was warned but i forgot to take them off when i exited my world.

that is my thread

You were wrong with the ban link, .
Did you see the date of the ban at all?
If you wore them and you did see you were warned - then why you didn’t take them off?

i went onto my world and put them on and when i was done i forgot to take them off and i had fishron wings in my vanity because i used reds on my world and fishron on the server

i was warned a completely different point in time

Does it even matter if one has Red’s Wings equipped or not? If one can wear them without debuffs, it means modified Terraria client, and this, means a ban.

it is called a patch

It’s a modification to the client. Therefore, you are using a Modified Client. And you do not seem to realize that you are breaking the rules. So, it’s going to be a while before you get anywhere close to having this accepted.

I agree with A6, if he was wearing Red’s wings without debuffs it shows that he did in fact have a modded terraria client. On the other hand he didn’t even acknowledge the ban url when he probably tried to join back. So be aware firebreather you didn’t make a proper ban appeal and you were using a modded terraria client. And you ARE breaking the rules, Have a nice day.