Please give some points if someone joins midgame

Give them atleast 1500 free points if someone joins
In mid game like in 3rd wave it’s hard with copper short swords specially for Mobile players
And please mob.count should be low or high based on map size :upside_down_face:

i mean, other people get points more rapidly in later waves with the better weapons. and you get a percentage of those points

yeah it usually is. mob count is based on the amount of gravestones in a map.


not gravestones, although it’s the most commonly used indicator, but mob spawns are on the map, but yeah, usually one bigger maps map builders also put more spawns so the map doesn’t feel empty

oh also i completely agree with 1st part, 3rd wave is not really an issue if you join on it, you are only those 1.5k behind, and it’s not hard to farm up the difference


oh yeah forgot about that


i mean gravestones are most commonly used indicator for spawns, so not really big issue, happens


It is based on enemy spawns, which are decided by builder. 1 suggestion per topic, please

Absolute no. It is not THAT influential + all score is gonna be nullified if you choose to choose an ability + exploit potential it has is crazy