Please Forgive me

so… I got denied. So that means u guys never forgiven me for something that wasn’t my fault just a small mistake wow… its like doing a small mistake on a test and getting a 0 so please unban me and if u don’t I guess I will have to resort to plan C… (this is second part to my first ban appeal) so please forgive me for my mistake which got me banned just for a small mistake.

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Maybe post another appeal, and think about your responses more thoroughly.

Your ban form states that you were banned for “Continuous use of exploits in survival with dimensions.”
This means that your response

is invalid. If you had done it multiple times, then it wouldn’t be an “accident” anymore. So maybe fix your response if you are planning to make another, proper appeal. Using the format

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by the way it refered it as “exploits” but how is a glitch an exploit and i never abused it cause it barley happened once and just on my first time i was glitched i got banned not just normal banned also ip banned and banned twice in a row!

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