Player Report "AskMeForHelp"

AskMeForHelp decided he don’t like “Rolf” So he said some mean stuff about him. And he used caps on 2 occasions. pics are below, as always and have a nice day :slight_smile:
Hope this helps :smiley: Have a nice day all.

Hey, fix the second link. xD Also, it didn’t show you saying “No caps” to “AskMeForHelp”. Thanks for the report though.

Actually, I told someone else no caps then he started capping and I musta missed getting a screenshot of me saying when he did… wupsh

Well, it’s fine I think, but anyways, I think he should be Maybe Temp banned? Maybe just banned for the character.

Idk, I’d given warnings to multiple people about not spamming, capping, or profanity towards others and he used all of those towards Rofl. Rolf.

Well… It isn’t that serious of an offense such as grief… And it is banning… Also, why did you write Rolf(pm me or use shoutbox :D) EDIT: I know now :smiley:

Well this isn’t that serious. Also there isn’t that much proof. :l I think we should just keep an eye out for this guy and then if he continues then someone should take action. I’d like some input from other staff members. :stuck_out_tongue: I think the one who should really be looking at this is Rofl since it’s directed towards him. I’m sure he’s a tough cookie so he probably won’t get offended. xD
Thank you for the report.

Haha he’s a cookie… Haha I’m going to eat him up! But back to topic! If he commits another offense then he should be temp banned, also if he/she DOES offends Rolf then I would recommend a ban! But in the case that he/she apologizes for his/her actions then he/she should be given a clean slit! 8)