Pirate Harbour - Update 2

Some quick and overdue changes to put some stuff in balance. These changes should have happened at least 2 weeks ago but I was busy with the lab map and other stuff, so here they are at last.

Captain (ranged)

Weapon chest 1

  • Increased the price of Chlorophyte Saber from 30000 to 52500
  • Slightly increased its use time

Weapon chest 3

  • Decreased the price of Tsunami from 100000 to 80000
  • Decreased the price of Eventide from 200000 to 170000
  • Added 50 Unholy Arrows for the first two repeaters

Buccaneer (melee)

Weapon chest 3

Switched the order of Flairon and Flower Pow, prices remain same


For now have these to make the map feel more fair and rewarding at the right times.


Small, quick update.
I have now fixed the missing door in the map.