Phase Suggestions

Essentially, in order for me to grasp what kind of things people want in the app, it’s best that such ideas are collected early.
Firstly, the difference in GUI is this:

Here is somewhat an overview of the features planned (or implemented already) for the new Phase (that are not in the old one):
[li]Auto-link and auto-image[/li]
[li]Word Alert[/li]
[li]Easy formatting (bold, italic, etc)[/li]
[li]Multi-line messages[/li]
[li]Emoticons (still accepting suggestions for these)[/li]
[li]Friends (just in-case users on phase gets a bit… big)[/li]
[li]Settings (again still accepting suggestions for these)[/li]
[li]Discussion searching and message searching[/li]
[li]Group Calls[/li]

If you have a suggestion that is not or emoticons or settings, then please make sure you explain it. If it is a function, please explain exactly how it will work.

For the settings menu, why not add an option to hide or show certain texts? For instance, a checklist of all the available texts, such as “Leaving/Joining” or “Player Deaths” and for mods, some extra options such as “show administrative tools” which show aspects like broken titles or blocks, and the ability to use administrator commands such as rollback from Phase, via sending a signal through Tshock to the server.

I would also request the ability to link your forum account to your TS account. I find it quite annoying that when I type in global chat or in threads via Phase, they do not show up because it does not recognize my username (Terraria is LeonytusGaming, forums are Leonytus_Game)

Threads were experimental and are not going to be included in the new Phase. The new one comes without any attachment to a very specific setup, and will be used by other servers. Also I do not know what you mean about global chat.

Further, player deaths will not appear on Phase. Unless you see a good reason why deaths in the chat are useful, then there’s no point in providing such a feature. The text option is not entirely possible; the tiles and blocks… if you’re talking about the general grief rollback, I do not see how it is possible without a visual view of the blocks and what block in that view was broken.

I see… I just thought I’d put out some ideas since that’s what this thread is for. I thank you for your explanation, master Rofle.

My response is to ensure of “make sure you explain it”.