Phase Search Should Find The Actual User

When i try searching for a user on Phase all it shows is just other people saying their name and not the user i searched for itself. when i was trying to search for a guy apparently being banned for saying “” i didn’t get any results of the said user themselves but just others saying the name and that kinda bummed me i was trying to see if they actually said that and not just lying. i would like if phase could have a feature that finds the user when their name is inputted into the search bar this will make its sooooo much easier to catch rule breakers and perhaps for people being wrongfully banned for saying the version of terraria or anything that doesn’t count as advertising.

This already exists but it won’t help you. People posting an ip never get their message published anywhere.

To find a users messages you use


With the space at the beginning because that means search for any message. Otherwise it’s:

search terms by:username