Phase Message Antecedent

Let’s be honest, nobody likes this thing, or actually sees a reason for it to be there. More often than not it results in people responding to messages that never get sent in-game, whether that’s intentional or someone picking up what is being typed before it can be sent and responding faster, resulting in the former being deleted.

I believe at one point a reason for /lobby chat not working in zombies(something along that line) was due to people in zombies sending messages relevant to those in their lobbies, but not those outside of them, resulting in seemingly pointless messages with zero context behind them getting sent on the outside to bystanders. This is similar to that.

The title of the topic is referring to this- What Lob said without actually saying. I couldn’t think of a better term to describe it.

If you don’t like seeing messages before they’re written just turn it off:


I will say that I didn’t know I could do that, but regardless of my individual power to do so I still don’t think that resolves the second part of my argument, being that it results in messages being sent with zero context to those in-game. Disabling it would ensure I couldn’t do it personally, but other people still could.

I can’t say that I’ve been particularly attentive to phase outside of my own time there however, so whether or not it’s actually “big enough” to matter much if any I couldn’t say(I have witnessed it before ofc). At the end of the day, I myself isn’t someone who really cares whether or not they do get sent in game without context since I’m only ever on Phase when I’m around, so being able to disable it for myself is more than enough for me to be satisfied.