Phase as an Extension

For those of you that use Chrome and Phase, there’s a slightly more elegant way of using Phase. Rather than having it as a tab in Chrome, you can have it as it’s own window. Something you can put in your taskbar and pin:

And that looks almost like it is a real Application:

It’s fairly easy to do. Firstly, you need to grab the extension file. go to
This will show up:

Click “Contin…”. This will then show up:

This is fine because all you need is the file. Now right click -> Show in folder:

Then use the settings button on Chrome and go to the Extensions page:

Go to the windows explorer page with the PhaseApp.crx and drag it onto the Extensions page:

Now go to the URL chrome://apps/ like so:

Right click the Phase icon and click Open as window so it has a check mark:

Then click the Phase icon. It will open in its own window. You can now pin it to the taskbar like it is a normal app.

Heck yeah! I’m a heavy chrome lover, thank you Rofle… Unfortunately, I either have a out dated version or a mac version.

i was able to download the file but i dont understand the part about using the settings button on chrome.

In the top right hand corner of chrome, there will be 3 lines, go to Tools --> Extensions, then just drag and drop the file in, I’m on mac, but it’s generally the same thing.

Thx for this Rofle!

Oh nice! :smiley:

umm… yeh

It’s no longer supported. If you want Phase as a Desktop Client you can use

Thank you.