Petition to Fix Egg Clues

So, we’ve been stuck on the 15th egg for more than 24 hours. The problem is, the clues are so vague. I mean, I know it’s supposed to be hard, but not too hard that it’s technically unsolvable unless you scour the whole map and test everything that might slightly describe the clue. The clues should be something that makes us think; something like a riddle. Not a phrase that might mean anything.

My latest clue is, “I sit in front of firey flames, and start the word of many names.” It’s not something that you can have a guess as what it is cause I’ll die before I try to check the vicinity for the egg every time we see a flame. Can you add something that makes it a bit more specific? Like an extra hint to where it can be located? Cause I don’t think this can be solved with logical thinking but instead just being lucky finding it when wandering the map, especially when there are areas we can’t access properly. The clue about the RoD, the Sharks, the Mouth, and the Car was nice. They were long, had enough hints, and was pretty straightforward.

I love the event and I think it’s well done; but with just a few things needed to be tweaked. owo

yea I cant find these 2 for the life of me I’ve already talked to Lilian but she couldn’t help, she didn’t make them

1.I stand so still,
no way or will, I create terrible things,
fortunately without wings, I look like I’m dead,
but maybe it’s just my head.

2.The light is at the end of the …

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I think the 2nd one is that spear thingy?

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yea but what type of spear, a statue a weapon rack or in a chest?

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[quote=Barbariccia]finding it when wandering the map[/quote]That seems kind of like what a “Hunt” is. The clue you are stuck on describes exactly what the area looks like, without saying the specific object of the second part. The one on the sign about the spear isn’t going to be half way across the map, it is talking about something that must have been passed on the way to the sign, so it is the closest “spear” available. The one about looking dead is also close to “home”.


thx sooo much after seeing this I found them in like 10 mins :smiley:

hmm im stuck on the flame one as well, ive cheaked all around spawn and on the serface to every flame :confused:

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