/permabuff Tipsy Movement

In this thread I want to find how many people would like the Tipsy buff be available as a /permabuff (and buff at the same time).

Rofle knows that. Fierce knows that. Alien knows that. Blanc knows that. Spooder knows that. Chuck Norris knows that. Most better Terraria players know too. …know how IMPORTANT Tipsy buff is for a melee class fighter!

Do you remember how disappointing it was (wasn’t it?) when you’ve found out that you can’t /permabuff it!?

Rofle, please change it to better!

+1 for /permabuff Tipsy

Who’s with me?

Lol I wouldn’t mind. Drunk without drinking OP.

I really hope I can use Tipsy with /permabuff, having Sake in my inventory takes up space and when you run out of Sake in the middle of a fight, it can really be annoying.

lol it won’t affect me : I never use melee, they keep getting me if I go to close


Yes! It’s now possible to use /tipsy with /permabuff! Awesome!

Since this problem is now resolved, I will lock this thread.